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I'm Lauren, founder of The Way Home. I am a Somatic Yoga Teacher, devoted to living an authentic, open-hearted life, deeply connected to the wisdom of my body.

I value freedom through authentic expression, creating a sense of safety within & trusting the natural cycles of our body. I believe our bodies are the gateway to wholeness, bringing healing on both an individual and collective level. 

My Story

Training & Studies


Official training

  • 200h Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training with Power of Now Oasis Sanur

  • 300h Yoga Therapy Teacher Training with Sampoorna Yoga Goa

  • 300h Embodied Presence - Advanced Yoga & Somatics Training with Carlos Romero

  • 60h Foundations of Yin Yoga with Sampoorna Yoga Goa

  • 50h Expressions of Yin - Somatic Yin Training with Carlos Romero

  • 30h Yoga Nidra with Sampoorna Yoga Goa

  • Somatic Experiencing Intro Weekend with SE Belgium

  • Reiki Level I with Melani Koch

  • Foundations of Human Design with Jenna Zoë

Personal studies, continued learning & mentors

  • Astrology, Human Design & Gene Keys

  • Trauma healing through the body

  • The Nervous System & Polyvagal Theory 

  • The Embodied Feminine, Cyclical Living

  • Embodied Anatomy & the Fascia Universe​​ 

  • Sustainable & Ethical Business Practices with Erah Society

I started practicing yoga over a decade ago, initially like many others to manage stress & anxiety. As a highly sensitive being, I experienced the world as an overwhelming, often unsafe place and I was in deep need of support for my tender nervous system. Slowly my yoga practice became my safe haven. After struggling with my mental health for what seemed like forever, I had finally found my path to healing: my body.


Years of living in dissociation had made my body an unfamiliar place. Any emotion or strong sensation quickly became overwhelming, and as a HSP, those are a daily reality. Through the somatic practices of slowing down & softening, I started healing the trauma that my body had been holding for years. Body-based therapy, yin yoga & somatic healing were necessary ingredients for me to find safety within myself.

I created The Way Home as a soft landing place for other sensitives who are looking for nourishment & community. 

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