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Image by Íris Juana
Image by Sixteen Miles Out

Welcome to 

The Way Home

a sanctuary for the soft & sensitive

yin yoga - somatics - embodied living

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'The gifts you were meant to give to this world hinge on your willingness to endure one of the most gorgeously vulnerable processes on Earth - being yourself.'

- Asia Suler, Mirrors in the Earth

What if your sensitivity is your greatest power, your access to the divine, a profound pathway into the depths of your body?

In a culture that values the superficial, the loud, t

Our pillars: 

embracing softness

yin as medicine

the depths of the subtle

finding safety in our bodies

If your heart could speak, what would it say?

'This is a story about embodiment, the human being at home, each of us in our own body. 

In coming home to our greater home, the Earth, we become part of the Earth and she a part of us.'

- Linda Hartley, Wisdom of the Body Moving

Find your way home:


The Sanctuary

On online community space dedicated to embodied learning, somatic healing, connection & deep rest.


Weekly Somatic Yoga

Weekly yoga classes @ De Melkerij in Veltem. 


Retreats + Workshops

Monthly events to deepen your knowledge on ..

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