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Ashtanga Yoga with Camila

Starting Friday 25 February 2022, every Friday evening between 18h and 19h30, you can come practice Ashtanga Yoga with Camila in the Yoga Lab Studio. 

No need to book in advance, just show up between these hours.  Price: €10 cash or banktransfer.

You can find some more info about Ashtanga Yoga below.

Mysore style Ashtanga class

The class will be Mysore style. A Mysore style Ashtanga Yoga class is an assisted self practice class.

In these classes all of our students are working on the same sequence of postures but their practice is tailored to where they’re each at. Students work through their own practice guided and supported by an experienced teacher.

Your teacher will suggest ways of working with the postures that are most helpful to you. They’ll also give you advice on how far through the sequence to practice for optimal benefit as well as when’s good for you to begin working on the next posture(s).

Mysore style teachers are long time Ashtanga practitioners with many years of experience of practicing those same postures and being assisted and supported by their own teachers.

foto camila .jpeg
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